Keith Benoit

53 and fading fast.

B.O. sufferer.  


Started every day running at age 40.

10 X Boston Qualifier

˜25 total marathons

Husband, Father, Canadian, Vegetarian, etc.


Brandon Darrah

I'm a 28 year old who's been running since I was 11.  I found my passion for running when I ran my first timed gym class mile in 6th grade.  Ever since, I've had exceptional friends and coaches who've taught me and helped me to become a stronger and more passionate runner.  I've adapted to becoming a marathon runner and have found great success in both the half and full marathons.  My goal is to become a "world six" finisher.  The six major world marathons being Berlin, Tokyo, London, Chicago, New York, and Boston, having completed the latter in 2016.  I look forward to being an ambassador for Kinetic Running and getting to show my passion for running while supporting a family who've been a huge inspiration and motivation in completing my running aspirations!


Amy Del Grosso

Amy's running journey has evolved over the years.  In the past Amy could only be a walker as her size made exercising a struggle.  She completed three half marathons before deciding to make some radical changes.  In 2015 she lost 185lbs and began run/walking to help her achieve that.  Since then she has completed numerous 5 and 10ks, as well as another half marathon, the Disney Princess Glass Slipper Challenge, and her first full marathon.  She currently loves to help beginner runners find thier place and pace in the running community.  Amy is most proud of both of her children now being active in sports, with one daughter on the track team and the other playing tennis.  In her free time Amy also loves music, theater, art, reading and volunteering.  


Jeremy Drowne

A sorta quick guy reluctantly transitioning to a masters category runner.   Some of his performance highlights include 2:32:13 in the marathon (Boston 2010 - 95th overall)  and a 5th place overall finish at the 2017 USSSA National Snowshoe Championship earning him a place on the United States National Team for the 2017-2018 snowshoe season.  He loves all types of running but gets especially warm and fuzzy feelings when  it happens on snow and trail.  He is also a big fan of Injinji performance toesocks and Dion Snowshoes because they are the best.  If you see him and ask he'll tell you so.  He might even show you his socks.


Shannon Drowne

I believe everyone should feel good about their bodies and appreciate all they can do.  Though I’ve been running on and off for 27 years it was roller derby that gave me this perspective. Roller derby, a sport I discovered 9 years ago, accepts and welcomes all shapes and sizes of women. It empowers women and provides an instant community.  This sense of community is something Jeremy and I are trying to foster here in Plattsburgh. We want to empower people of all shapes and sizes to stay active and appreciate their bodies and our environment. Plattsburgh is a beautiful place, let’s get out there and explore it together!

Sara Dunham

Sara Dunham- Peru, NY
Mother of one- Wife to Travis Dunham a USMC Veteran. Recently returned to running in 2010 after a 15 year hiatus. Since returning I have run 6 marathons, numerous half marathons, various road distances, and a few trail/mountain races. Some recent achievements- Currently running for the Elite Skechers Team, placed top 50 for Women at the Boston Marathon. Entered the Masters field in September of 2016. Rubbed elbows with the Pros at the Tufts 10k in Boston placing in the top 3 for Masters. Became the 2017 Masters Snowshoe World Champion and also on the 2017 USA Women's Snowshoe World Championship Team. Eager to switch things up with more trail racing and ultras.

Travis Dunham

A Grunt Marine from Central NY with a tour to Iraq. After my enlistment was up, I moved to the Adirondacks to attend college where I got into triathlon. After several sprints, Olympics, halfs and two Ironmans (Lake Placid),I met Sara and since then running has taken over. I enjoy everything from 5k to half marathons and a full once in a while. I tried Snowshoe Racing this year through Kinetic who put on a race and I won the Overall 5k. I also entered the World Championships and placed 62nd overall. Outside of my job, I enjoy anything that gets me outdoors. I also have my sights set on trail racing and eventually some ultras. “Basically I am constantly chasing down ridiculously big dreams!”

Mary Duprey

Bio - 

70's - Drugs, Alcohol, Cigarettes and lots of all of it 

80's - Married, Baby, and realized that if I didn't let go of the 70's I probably wouldn't see the 90's.  Started running in the late 80's, then started cycling.  Took those on as an addiction vs the 70's.  Did a little bit of racing. 

90's - 2000's  Started racing more always stronger on the bike than the run but enjoyed both.

Mid - 2000's had a strong desire to learn how to swim and do a triathlon before I turned 50 in 2009.  

Did my first Tri in 2008 found my true passion - I still struggle with the swim but absolutely love combining all three sports!!

Gretchen Lefevre

I started running in August 2011 by accident. I went for a walk one day to blow off steam and got hooked on the beauty of the Adk Park. I had to walk every day so I could see more and more of what I missed all the years before by staying inside. I was often passed by a woman in her 50's who'd run by so peaceful and happy with her "Miss America" wave to say hello. I said hell, if she can do it in her 50's, so can I, chubby, asthmatic, and out of shape! So, I ran as much as I could until I felt like dying. I'd stop running when I heard cars because I was embarrassed. I guess I did my own Couch to 5K without realizing it. Only, it was Couch to 13.1 for me because I ran my first half 10 months after that first walk, and I still celebrate doing it in 1:54. Running gives me complete peace. Nothing else seems to matter when I'm out there enjoying the beauty of the Adirondacks.

Phil Lynch

Phil is a relative newcomer to the sport of running. He decided in the summer of 2011 that running would be a fun way to spend time with his wife, Donna, who was already an accomplished distance runner, as well as to shed a few unwanted fatherhood pounds. By the end of autumn that year, Phil had run his first 3 half marathons, and the rest is history.

While Phil lives for the competitive nature of road racing, he truly enjoys being surrounded by, and involved with the local running community. Running is the ultimate lifetime sport. Not only does it benefit our physical well-being, it builds strong character, resolve and strengthens our community. Our children look to us to build their own lifetime habits, it is up to us to set the example of a healthy lifestyle.

Accomplishments 3-Time Marathon finisher, 2-Time Boston Marathon Qualifier, Boston Marathon Finisher 2016, 2017 TCS NYC Marathon Qualifier, 24-Time Half Marathon finisher (16 top 10 finishes, 2 nd Place 2016 Mtn. Green Half Marathon in Snowbasin, Utah (1:23:21), 7 th Place and 30-39 Winner 2016 Plattsburgh Half Marathon (1:22:43)), 3 rd Place 2014 Whiteface Mtn. Uphill Foot Race (1:09:32), 7 th Place 2016 Run For Jon (15:13)

Personal Bests Marathon 3:05:18 (2014 Corning Wineglass Marathon (BQ),) Half Marathon 1:22:43 (2016 Plattsburgh Half Marathon (NYC Qualifier)), 10K 37:24 (Peru Turkey Trot), 5K 17:54 (CVPH 5K)

Goals Complete 2017 TCS NYC Marathon and re-qualify for Boston 2019, Complete 100 half marathons by age 50, Complete an ultra marathon, Complete the Adirondack 46, Help others reach their goals and find their inspiration

Joren Parrotte

Howdy!  I’m Joe, and it’s a pleasure to be asked to be an ambassador for Kinetic Running!  I began running in college, when I decided to lose the “Freshmen Fifteen”.   One day I ran into a friend from High School who was a member of the Cross Country team.  He encouraged me to join them for practice, so I did!  Nearly twenty years later, running is still a big part of my life, as it has been for the Drowne’s .  Having run with Jeremy and Shannon in college, it’s nice to see them following their passion for running, and, promoting a healthy lifestyle.   I look forward to helping them spread their message, and appreciate their support with my Triathlon endeavors this season.  Races planned include; Mt. Tremblant 70.3 and Lake Placid 70.3. 

Past Accomplishments:

Mile PR: 4:27

5K PR:  15:45

Half-Iron Distance Triathlon PR: 4:26:00

Iron Distance Triathlon PR: 10:10:00

Duathlon World Championships Team USA member: 2003

IRONMAN World Championship Finisher: 2007

70.3 IRONMAN World Championship Qualifier: 2015