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Brandon Darrah

I'm an enthusiastic marathon runner who has now completed 4 marathons and is aiming to become one of the many who've completed the six major world marathons (Boston, New York, Chicago, Berlin, Tokyo, and London) I hope to eventually break 2:40 in the marathon and also run a half or full in every state. :)

My marathon PR is 2:53:08
Half marathon is 1:20:12


Adam Deso

I only began running around 7 or 8 years ago when my job started offering up to 3 hours a week to workout. We didn’t have much of a gym so I thought I’d give running a shot. After a few weeks of running 2 to 3 days a week at work I decided to sign-up for the Buffalo Half Marathon and have been running ever since. I’m not a particularly fast guy, but I’ve been steadily getting quicker as time goes on which seems to come from a lot of heart rate training and mixing up the types of runs I do. Over the years I’ve put in more miles every year and done a number of races including one full marathon and several triathlons. In the future I’d like to do more marathons and on a long enough timeline complete a full Ironman if I can ever find that much time to train.

Strava: Adam Sterling


Jeremy Drowne

Now officially a masters category runner, Jeremy refuses to give up and holds his own against many half his age. 2018 will see him give the Patch Sprint another go and attempt the Cayuga Trails 50 in July. There is also a good chance you'll see him in a fall marathon as well. Some of his performance highlights include 2:32:13 in the marathon (Boston 2010 - 95th overall) and a 5th place overall finish at the 2017 USSSA National Snowshoe Championship earning him a place on the United States National Team for the 2017-2018 snowshoe season. He loves all types of running but especially when it happens on snow and trail. You can find occasional postings by Jeremy on Twitter and Instagram but don't expect them on the regular because he doesn't really like social media.


Shannon Drowne

I’ve been running in between pregnancy and injuries for 28 years. Though I’ve completed one marathon, my passion is trail running. This year I plan to complete the Patch Sprint and the Loon Mountain Race in NH.


Travis Dunham

Basically last year my best/most fun races were helping put on the 1st annual Scott Woodward Just Du It duathlon, The Rooster Relay, Ragnar Reach the Beach where we got 8th and won the mixed division, the Under Armour mountain race at Killington where I got 4th male and won my age group, and the North American snowshoe champs where I got 8th and won my age group. I also got my REDACTED CONTENT this year (but we can keep that a secret). Going forward it's more trails more mountains and longer distances... lots of adventures!


Rachael Everleth

I started running after college to loose weight and get back into shape. After a few 5ks, I was hooked. I've run everything from 5ks, 10ks, half marathons, adventure/mud races, color runs, 200+ mile overnight relay races and marathons. My favorite things about running have been learning how strong you can be and the friends that become family. Every race brings new challenges and it's up to you to overcome or learn when to call it quits. No one likes to fail but you can learn so much more in failure than you can in success. I never thought I'd achieve as much as I have but, I can say running has changed my life for the better.


Amy Hayes

So I won’t lie, my 2017 was a year of pain and struggle.

2018 is changing my life however. It’s a year already where running is literally saving my life. Because of some complications I can’t take a medication anymore and running is helping me cope with the transition.

You know I’m not the fastest runner, and I won’t ever be. I’m running a 5k in Clifton Park on May 5th, Run for James the next weekend, volunteering at both Ironman events as well as Ragnar. Then I’m racing the Philadelphia full in the fall, and also have wineglass half scheduled.

I know this isn’t a great bio, but it’s an update on me and the hot mess I call life.


Caitrin Herdic

I LOVE running in all forms - on trails, on roads, on snowshoes. I ran competitively in high school (NCCS) and college (Connecticut College). I've run the streets of NYC when I lived there in grad school. I still run on a very regular basis (often passing by your store!!).
I've done a couple marathons and enjoy road races here and there, but mostly like running for myself - it's a good form of stress relief and it allows me to clear my head.

Here are a few tidbits about me:
-I probably love figure skating as much as I love running. I coach at the rink in Rouses Point in the Fall and Winter.
-I'm loving my job as an optometrist at FirstView Eye Care.
-I love to read, love to travel, and enjoy all things vegetarian. :)

(And we love Caitrin's hat)


Victoria Jablonski

About a year and a half ago I started attending Sunday morning group runs at Kinetic Running. I was apprehensive about showing up alone to run with a group of people I had never met, but since the very first day, I knew it was just what I needed. Although running is a solo effort, I found that meeting other runners and sharing the experience greatly enhanced not only my running performance but also my enjoyment for the sport. Without Kinetic Running, I would not have met the incredible group of local runners and friends who inspire me to continue training and competing. I understand what an asset Kinetic Running is to our community, and because of this, I’d be proud to be a part of the team of individuals that encourages others to take advantage of everything Kinetic Running has to offer.


Stephen Lafave

I’ve tried to be an ambassador to our running community for the past 6 years. I’m a marathon maniac and future triathlete. I’m not the fastest which is a big understatement. I have tried to thank every volunteer at every race I compete in. I’ve run 9 marathons with a PR of 4:17 at VCM. I’ve run over 20 half’s and way too many 5 K’s to mention. 1:51 was my half PR at the Plattsburgh Half. Finally I had a 23:48 5k at the first Biggest Loser Plattsburgh race. Nothing special but I’m still proud. Thank you for listening to my story.


Rock and Roll Forever


Phil Lynch

Phil is a relative newcomer to the sport of running. He decided in the summer of 2011 that running would be a fun way to spend time with his wife, Donna, who was already an accomplished distance runner, as well as to shed a few unwanted fatherhood pounds. By the end of autumn that year, Phil had run his first 3 half marathons, and the rest is history.

While Phil lives for the competitive nature of road racing, he truly enjoys being surrounded by, and involved with the local running community. Running is the ultimate lifetime sport. Not only does it benefit our physical well-being, it builds strong character, resolve and strengthens our community. Our children look to us to build their own lifetime habits, it is up to us to set the example of a healthy lifestyle.

Accomplishments 3-Time Marathon finisher, 2-Time Boston Marathon Qualifier, Boston Marathon Finisher 2016, 2017 TCS NYC Marathon Qualifier, 24-Time Half Marathon finisher (16 top 10 finishes, 2 nd Place 2016 Mtn. Green Half Marathon in Snowbasin, Utah (1:23:21), 7 th Place and 30-39 Winner 2016 Plattsburgh Half Marathon (1:22:43)), 3 rd Place 2014 Whiteface Mtn. Uphill Foot Race (1:09:32), 7 th Place 2016 Run For Jon (15:13)

Personal Bests Marathon 3:05:18 (2014 Corning Wineglass Marathon (BQ),) Half Marathon 1:22:43 (2016 Plattsburgh Half Marathon (NYC Qualifier)), 10K 37:24 (Peru Turkey Trot), 5K 17:54 (CVPH 5K)

Goals Complete 2017 TCS NYC Marathon and re-qualify for Boston 2019, Complete 100 half marathons by age 50, Complete an ultra marathon, Complete the Adirondack 46, Help others reach their goals and find their inspiration


Melissa Murphy

I've been running since middle school, with a few breaks here and there along the way. Running has always been my way to get away and unwind, my time to let my mind wander and just think about whatever I need to think about. I've made many decisions in my life during long runs. It is time for just me! I do enjoy running with others too but sometimes I just need to be out there on my own.

During races, my goal is not always to get a PR, usually I like just take in the race for what it is and have fun. It wasn't until recently that I've placed during races.
2016 - 2nd (age group) Tour de Force 10k

2nd Relay Team at Thomas Kirsch Memorial Triathlon

2017 - 1st Relay Team at Thomas Kirsch Memorial Triathlon

1st (age group) at Run to Remember

Just missed 3rd (age group) at Run for Jon

I'm also a part of an online group called I Run 4 Michael. It's a group that matches runners with children with special needs. I've been matched with my buddy for 3 years and it's been an amazing experience getting to know him and his family. I send messages to him about my runs, races, and even big events happening in my life. It's kind of like having an online pen pal who I dedicate my runs to.

(Melissa is also an ambassador for Feetures! socks for 2018!)


Mitch Ryan

My name is Mitch Ryan from Plattsburgh New York, and I have been running competitively for around 9 years. I am a 2013 graduate of Seton Catholic Central High school, as well as a 2017 graduate from The State University of New York at Cortland, where I competed on a national level in both Cross Country and Track on several occasions. My specialty is the 3000 meter steeplechase, which I continue to practice to this day. Although my college career has long since ended, I continue to persue competitive distance running, and aim to one day be considered for the 2020 Olympic trials in the steeple. Running is, and will always be, a source of joy, as well as an outlet for my competitive nature. thats_one_swift_mitch


Michael Schram

Resides in Tupper Lake, NY

Tupper Lake Middle/High School
1 year @ Mohawk Valley Community College
3 years @ SUNY Plattsburgh

Recruited into Northern Lights Running Club in late 2014

Career highlights
-Named Adirondack Daily Enterprise "Ironman of the Week" during 2009 high school outdoor track season
-Half-marathon winner at 2012 Lake Placid Marathon/Half
-2013 SUNYAC 10,000m winner while at SUNY Plattsburgh
-2014 Plattsburgh Half-marathon winner
-Competed for Northern Lights Running Club in 2014 USA Club Cross-Country Championships
-2015 Plattsburgh Half-marathon winner
-113th male finisher @ 2016 Boston Marathon

Currently have ambassadorship through Swiftwick Socks.


Angie VanValkenburg

I love to run! I love to encourage others to run, walk, hike, and enjoy the outdoors. I am 31 years old, I do as many outdoor activities as I can. I love to fish, hike, run 5k's, and more importantly CHALLENGE MYSELF AND OTHERS! I encourage everyone to do their best, try new things, and challenge themselves. I am not the most fit, nor am I the best runner, but I feel if some see me doing it, they would be more apt to do the same. :)